So far north there was snow on the mountains

Rob, Brian and myself headed to North Wales last week to catch up with some clients.

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A casual-tea, one might say

Rode a mountain bike trail this weekend steeped in history. So long and so gnarly that even the locals are wary of its reputation; little wonder it’s called ‘The Beast of Brenin’.

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Sub-zero biking & cold spectating

I headed over to Wales this weekend just gone. Pictured above is one of the many sections that didn't get any sun that day.

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High octane competition

Yucca's Go-Karting trip in Newport resulted in us all revealing a competitive nature usually buried beneath a layer of common decency.

Rules were bent, broken and shattered into a million pieces, and much amusement was had.

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It was like biking in a shower minus the shampoo

As the popular Mountain Bike journal MBR states ‘just get out and ride’, even if the best attire is a wetsuit.

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What is that thing in the sky again?

Hard to believe it but I went mountain biking in Wales the week before last for a whole week and it didn't rain.

Yes I was shaking a cold off, yes I wasn't as fit as I wanted to be but the sun shone and Wales turned from a usually grey and muddy place into riding like you'd find in California. It was heaven.

This picture was taken at a place called Artist Valley which is near Aberystwyth. As part of this bike ride we even cycled past Robert Plants house which looked rather cool to say the least.

Back to spin at the gym tonight, not quite the same I have to say!

Sunny Cwmcarn action

Ben and I braved the Cardiff M4 rugby traffic to head to Wales for a biking fix on Saturday. We hit the nearest Welsh centre to Bristol, Cwmcarn.

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Fun, fun, fun

Despite taking 4 hours to get to Cardiff from Bristol, missing the kick-off, having to run to the stadium overhearing Theo Walcott had scored his first ever goal, and despite it taking nearly three hours to get home on a crammed train, with no announcements, an epilleptic girl and a general feeling of mild panic - it was a great day out.

P.S. I hate public transport.

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Wales underwater

After the ‘bakefest’ which was in July I thought it’d be a safe bet heading to North Wales for some biking.

Oh and boy did it rain. I'm talking streams of water on the trails we rode. Those in the know, we rode the newly opened trail ‘Brechfa’ in mid Wales on the Friday. A festival of berms, drop offs and manageable climbs. Defo in competition with the stuff up in Scotland.

Then it was on to Cod Y Brenin on the Saturday – all plans were to ride the Karrimoor renamed trail the ‘Beast’ but the adverse weather saw us doing the shorter MBR trail. Sunday was a mellow blast around Nanty Aran always good fun.

Got back to Bristol Sunday evening and yes the sun was out!!

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Where's Richie?

Using the 'auto publish' feature in Vapour Trails (showing off as usual) this is where I'll be when this blog entry goes live.

This is the gert lush section of singletrack about 10ks into the Karrimoor Trail up in Cody Brenin which is on the edge of Snowdonia, North Wales.

10ks in and ill just be loosing feeling in the ol' rear end!

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